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17th & 18th C.
Maltese Bureau

19th C. Maltese

18th C. Maltese
Rustic furniture

17th & 18th C.
Half Bureau

17th & 18th C.

Maltese 18th C. Chests
Part 1 of 3

Maltese 18th C. Chests
Part 2 of 3

Maltese18th C. Chests
Part 3 of 3

17th & 18th C.

Intro to Maltese chests
1780 - 1880

Maltese Chests 1780-1880, Part 1

Maltese chests 1780-1840 Part 2

Maltese Chests 1780-1820, Part 3

Maltese Chests 1820-1860, Part 4

Maltese Chests 1840-1860, Part 5

Maltese Chests 1850-1880, Part 6

Maltese Chests 1840-1880, Part 7

Maltese Chests 1850-1880, Part 8

Maltese Chests: The 20th C. Part 9