Inventories and Valuations

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Inventories and Valuations are carried out upon request.  A preliminary short visit by the valuer to assess content and appointments can be arranged. A visit by the valuer will give the client a clearer idea of costs, method and time frame for the job in consideration.

Numbering / Descriptions / periodic Dating & Valuing are done on site.

Divisions and Allocation of portions can be drawn proportionally from inventory.

A Comprehensive ‘Guidlines’ document is available for clients upon request. The ‘Guidlines’ are an information pack to help clients in the step by step process, as undertaken by this firm.

Contact Us for an appointment.

Insurance of Art and Antiques

If you require an Insurance Company to cover Works Of Art you own or are handling, it would be necessary to have a professional document prepared by a Valuer. Your Insurer will request this document.

We provide this service for a maximum charge of 0.5% or an hourly rate.

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